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  1. [France] Olivier Maillet

    Nice progress :-)
  2. Dimitri van der Starren because his paintwork is amazing. https://www.facebook.com/starrendesign
  3. [UK] Dave Alcock

    Good luck Dave, you have my vote, so do us proud!
  4. Dave Alcock (UK), good luck!
  5. This has to be my week then! I've registered! Pick me! By Eklozwbailestka! Just noticed my profile was reset on the plus website :-( I've recreated it, hope it stays this time.
  6. I've registered! Pick me! By Eklozwbailestka :-)
  7. I've registered! Pick me! By Eklozwbailestka :-)
  8. I've registered! Pick me! By Eklozwbailestka :-)
  9. Tt eSPORTS Competition Ideas

    Honestly it's not that easy to come up with competition ideas. If you make it a creative competition there are always people that excell in it, and plenty people that cant even find their way around paint would feel at a disadvantage. If you would make it a photo thing, you have the same. People making photos on a semi professional level etc. It's not easy to think of something everyone can do equally while maintaining a competitive element in it...
  10. I've registered! Pick me! By Eklozwbailestka Just in the event week 4 didn't, I already enter week 5, hihi :-) Hope you all enjoy Computex.