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  1. - GEMINI - High performance system & Eco-friendly system
  2. We are sorry to keeping you wait! Icewolf made some progress on the GEMINI, take a look at the pics below:
  3. Are you a fan of wireless charging?

    If WPC supports iPhone, i will be a big fan of wireless charging.
  4. Depends on where I listen to the music, so Lavi S is pefect for me to use.
  5. Lithium polymer can be made in variety of shapes, lithium ion cannot.
  6. [Tips & Tutorials] Why Choose LUXA2 Power Banks

    The newest EnerG Slim series looks really nice and easy to carry!
  7. LUXA2 E-One Aluminum Headset Holder

    Can't wait to get a black one!
  8. EnerG Slim

    The size is perfect matched with iPhone 6!
  9. [AUDIO] Fans Photo Posts

    Hello TtDude! Do you enjoy the GroovyW?
  10. Introducing the EnerG Slim Series

    It looks really thin but with high capacity power, must have it!
  11. [AUDIO] Fans Photo Posts

    Enjoy my music, enjoy my LUXA2!
  12. LUXA2 Elite Carbon 8mm Stylus & Pen

    This stylus is mainly designed for business use.
  13. LUXA2 Groovy Audio Series Owners Club

    Three colours avalible: Black, White and Red!