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  1. Volos mouse button click issue

    I bought a new Volos a few months ago and right from the start it has had this annoying intermittent issue where a button click won't register that I have lifted my finger off so, the mouse still thinks I'm holding the button down when I'm not. So in FPS games if shoot a gun it will keep firing on its own. Or if I right click to aim it will stay in aim mode. Clicking the "stuck button" again then fixes the problem which makes it hard to reproduce the problem on demand. It doesn't happen with any one specific button, I have had it happen with left click/right click and even with the scroll bar. It happens once every few hundred clicks. Firmware is updated to latest. I took it back to the store I bought from but they claim they can't reproduce the problem after three days of testing. I have personally tested it on two separate computers and have had it happen on both. Anyone seen this before? Not sure how I can convince the store the problem really exists if they don't test it extensively enough.
  2. Volos mouse button click issue

    Let me suggest someone actually take the mouse and use it on their own computer for a few days. Even better if the person uses it to play FPS games and the problem will happen.
  3. Volos mouse button click issue

    Hi, I contacted support and did another RMA. The support team was very helpful and I'm happy to say we have come to a resolution (I have a different model mouse now). Thank you for your help Josh and the TT support team in Aus. Cheers Wal
  4. Volos mouse button click issue

    Issue occurring on a different computer with fresh Windows 8.1 install. Happens at 1:58 mark.
  5. Volos mouse button click issue

    Hi Josh. Yes I did already mention the issue happens on multiple different computers. I can't speak for every single VOLOS mouse but there is at least a considerable percentage that has this issue, a "bad batch" perhaps. I was not surprised to read other reviews explaining the exact same "click lock" issue on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Tt-eSPORTS-Thermaltake-Gaming-MO-VLS-WDLOBK-01/dp/B00EVVNMWW Your test team either has a mouse that does not have the problem or they are simply not trying hard enough. Do you know if the exact mouse I sent back via RMA has been tested? It took me eight minutes of laborious clicking to reproduce the problem on camera for the YouTube video I linked earlier. Keep in mind I was motivated to provide evidence the issue exists where your testers are less motivated to admit there is a problem that could essentially mean a mass recall. Forgive my cynicism but not having any resolution after four months does not help the situation.
  6. Volos mouse button click issue

    Please do.
  7. Volos mouse button click issue

    Hi Josh, Is there a fix coming in the forseeable future? This continues to be a pain and not sure how much longer I can deal with it :\ Thanks.
  8. Volos mouse button click issue

    Do you know if they have been able to reproduce the same issue?
  9. Volos mouse button click issue

    Hey Josh, did you check out the video I linked? Wondering what your thoughts are...
  10. Volos mouse button click issue

    Kana your issue with the periods reminded me of this strange thing I experienced. I had the Volos connected to my laptop, I then rebooted the laptop and it came up to the Windows Bitlocker screen where you have to provide the key to decrypt the hard drive. Whenever I pressed a key on my keyboard about 4 or 5 characters registered into the password field. It was impossible to type the password correctly. I then disconnected the Volos from the laptop and I could type my password in no problem. It was as if Volos was scrambling my keyboard. I was typing onto a USB keyboard so maybe it's a USB interface problem?
  11. Volos mouse button click issue

    Hi Josh, Unfortunately the issue can't be shown with a screenshot, I did however manage to record it happening. I used notepad with text in it to demonstrate when the button jams the text is being hilighted. I also enabled high contrast mode in windows so the screen/curser can be seen easily. I removed 8 minutes of video from the middle because that's how long it took for the issue to first happen. Video is unlisted and can be seen at https://youtu.be/bwZK2UGvzck Firmware is the latest version but it did happen with the older firmware as well.
  12. Volos mouse button click issue

    I have some bad news. The replacement mouse has started doing the same behaviour. Again I have tested on two completely different computers (both running Windows 8.1 64 bit). Maybe this is a driver/firmware issue.
  13. Volos mouse button click issue

    It looks like we have a winner. After many hours of gaming I have not expeirenced the issue once.
  14. Volos mouse button click issue

    Ahh, gotcha!
  15. Volos mouse button click issue

    Replacement arrived today, brand new in box! So far so good, Thanks Josh and Thermtake! Edit: I haven't figured out how to attach/upload images. But I set the mouse as my profile pic.
  16. Volos mouse button click issue

    Well my RMA status says "replaced" and I got a delivery tracking email so, it's on its way.
  17. Volos mouse button click issue

    Update: I have submitted an RMA form and posted the mouse to the local Australian address. The store I bought from maintained there was no issue but I suspect they were just being lazy. I took it home and had it happen a few times in an hour worth of gaming.
  18. Volos mouse button click issue

    Hi Josh, I am in Australia, thank you! I should say other than the issue I am very happy with the mouse