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  1. Great keyboard + Great mouse= awesome! A lot of thanks Tt eSPORTS. This will be my first mechanical keyboard so far and I love it. I like blue so it's not a big deal for me if it's not RGB. At least it has 4 levels of brightness. Though I was not able to use it on mobile since it is not compatible with my phone. I'm using android. Looking forward to test it soon. A tactile feel and an audible click feedback. What else could I ask for? More Power!
  2. POSEIDON Z RGB Lighting Profiles!

    Really Amazing!
  3. Thank you Tt Josh! Goodluck to us guys and advance congrats..
  4. SHOCK 3D 7.1 Owners Club

    Wow pretty cool. I guess I need this headset but unfortunately I don't have the money to pay for the price haha . I usually play crossfire ghost mode and I really need to catch their breath because we cannot really see them . Pinpointing the ghost is really hard if your headset's equalizer is not that good.
  5. Merry Christmas from the LUXA2 team!

    That's pretty awesome. We need a break right? Haha That would count
  6. Team Molotovs And Marshmallows - Tt eSPORTS UK

    Happy New Year guys!
  7. Merry Christmas from the LUXA2 team!

    Sadly, nope How about you? Happy New Year!
  8. Merry Christmas from the LUXA2 team!

    Belated Merry Christmas!