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  1. Hukkel


    I voted Jesse, because his modding style suits my taste more. Both did a great job.
  2. And here final pictures in a dark environment. Which shows my photographing skills suck donky-behind.
  3. No worse than mine for sure haha
  4. Hukkel

    Thermaltake and Insomnia I55

    Thank you for sharing photos of our project
  5. I am going for the underdog. I feel like he will do something crazy. My vote goes to Dave Alcock.
  6. I am super happy to hear it man Happy you like it on a personal level and happy it did the job perfectly at the event. It is all I could have hoped for and aimed for
  7. Here are some finished photos during daylight.
  8. Something I always do at the very end, make the windows in doorpanels xD It is like something I 'forget' to do because I work in it with the sidepanel off (duh). I bought something I wanted for a while now; a Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter. And so far I am very happy with it. Easy to use software and nice working machine. I used it this time for dcals of the sponsors, the name of the case and my very own DLC lionhead that Ianovski designed for me so long ago. I love it!
  9. Thank you very much Mike. Appreciate it.
  10. Then it was time to fill the loop and leaktest it
  11. As always Mayhems was kind enough to provide this project with their coolant. This time I wanted to try Aurora for the first time. I went with Aurora red (duh). The colour was pretty much spot on from the bottle. Thank you so much Mayhems and especially Michael for helping me out with projects. I spent 2 evenings creating the loop by cutting and bending the Thermaltake PETG. I made no photos of that But here is the finished loop.
  12. Next update. I had made all desired holes for tubing in the PSU shroud so I could paint it. I am very happy with the end result.