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  1. TT Gaming Station

    Nice build
  2. POSEIDON Z RGB - Cant save Profile / Macro

    Hello, Imy4ng AP means the software, please try the steps and let us know if it works, thank you!
  3. Hi sir, At the moment, we are trying to redesign our software and offer SDK, so anyone knows how to program the code, then you can code your own lighting effects. We do not have confirmed release schedule yet, will keep update if any news. Thank you!
  4. Team Paria - Netherlands

    Thank you and wish you guys good luck!!
  5. Poiseidon Z keyboard - duplicated problem!

    Awesome! Glad to know your issues has been fixed!
  6. Hi Larry, we are working on this type of update structure, it will take us a while to redesign the whole software. Sorry to get you trouble but in the meantime, if we have any new software update, we will post on our website with note and announce on our facebook. Thank you!
  7. Poseidon Z RGB broken?

    Dear pKuser, truely sorry about your issues, we will try our best to find a better way for FW update. Thank you and you have nice day!
  8. PhysX eSports - Romania

    Enjoy our new gear
  9. Team Paria - Netherlands

    If you got chance to take more teams or single players' photo, please share to us, we can post on our social medias to promote you guys
  10. Team Paria - Netherlands

    Good Job guys, keep up the good work!!
  11. Good luck to new teams, and the new logo looks awesome too!!
  12. PhysX eSports - Romania

    Glad you guys like our gears, we will keep learn feedback from everyone and improve our products. Thank you!!