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  1. Luna fan owners club

    Does anyone know of a way to get Pure 20 red fans inside the US?
  2. Luna fan owners club

    Final question, when will the Pure 20 Red be available in the US?
  3. Luna fan owners club

    Thank you for your response. Which one has a brighter (or best) red? Or are they the same red?
  4. Core V71 Owner's Club

    Ahhh bummer, it is no longer available.
  5. Luna fan owners club

    Which is better, Luna or Pure (and why)? I am considering replacing my V71 case's stock blue led fans with red led fans.
  6. Core V71 Owner's Club

    Which controller do you have? Does also control the LEDs? I am thinking of adding other fans and maybe some LED strips.
  7. Core V71 Owner's Club

    Just Getting Started, I am in the US so I think shipping it from your location to mine would be problematic. One other thing, I have been doing some reading and some people report that adding a 4th fan (even a 4th stock fan) won't work as expected? The controller cannot handle 4 stock fans? Is there anyone from TT that can shed some light on this?
  8. Core V71 Owner's Club

    Hi, I have searched but cannot find a vendor that sells the TT-2030 case fan (the type that comes with the V71), does anyone know where I can purchase one?