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  1. POSEIDON Owner Club

    Im having this chattering issue as well and I tried compressed air behind thhe keycaps. Sadly it did not work =( Anyy other suggestions on how to ffix this issue?
  2. Hello, I'm currently using my replacement Poseidon Z kkeyboard and still having the chattering issue. I have sent a message to support regarding this again and I am hoping that the shipping will be paid for atleast one way. I'm also wondering how we can handle this so it does not happen again. Do all of your keyboard models have this known issue of chattering or is it only the Poseidon Z? Would you be able to send me a different model that is not known for this issue as a replacement?
  3. Poseidon Z Keyboard Issue

    I have hhad this same issue with my poseidon Z. Support sent me a replacement once I sent thhe original back and now thhe same issue is happening with my replacement. I think this may be an ongoing known issue with these keyboards. I have not even had the replacement ffor a full monthh yet and this is what I get?