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  1. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    I have red lights version on Ventus X too and im also happy but i like rgb efect so maybe one day ill buy myself the rgb Version or maybe you can recommend me other TteSPORTS mice with rgb colors?
  2. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yes, the have all the details there http://www.ttesports.com/Mice/246/VENTUS_X_Optical_RGB/productPage.htm?a=a&g=ftr#.Wd-YT1u0PRZ
  3. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Well they are amazing i always recommend ISURUS PRO in travels, they are amazing! smart and comfortable to travel with and they can be used as a normal headset to talk with friends on ts thanks to the microphone
  4. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Maybe show your boss Tt equipment and im sure he will equip all the workers with own Tt gears at work haha
  5. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    I am working at work on my tt gears aswell my boss allow us to bring own computer equipment all people were suprised and amazed when they first saw my gears
  6. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    When I get used to this model I find any other keyobard not so comfortable as this one Poseidon Z got me love mechanical keyboard sound and sensitivity of switches so much
  7. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    I am testing Poseidon Z for a long time now It is going to be 2 years soon and it still works as fine as at the begining
  8. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    I am in love with TteSPORTS ISURUS PRO Usually i can't take too much baggage to work so i enjoy having them in my purse so i can walk home with music And i also use them with my computer! Love the quality and the fact that they have detachable microphone! :>
  9. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    I already got them and I agree 100% Using them right now for chilling and listning to the music
  10. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Yes! Volos definetely try this one one my favourite gaming mice so far <3
  11. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    In the past i didnt like to play CS GO but maybe its because i had bad headset to play it Im thinking about giving it a second try but with Level 10 M headset
  12. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Have u tried level10 m headset yet? They are my Favourite when it comes to travel! And ofc sound quality is great too
  13. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    TteSPORTS Battle Dragon Backpack is really great I must admit too Me and my boyfriend just came back from a travel and we packed our gears to the bag, they were save and comfortable to travel with
  14. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hey guys! I must say i am really pleased with my SHOCK 3D 7.1 headset! It is so easy and comfortable to use! I just pull up the microphone to mute it and pull it down so my friends can hear me again on ts Simple as that! And the sound quality is so nice <3 i love to listen to my favourite songs on it And what is your Tt headset experience?