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  1. Project Thunder by FlowMods

    Hi all! Oring and screws for the acrylic midplate are here!
  2. Project Thunder by FlowMods

    Hi guys! Started with the loops and tried the acrylic test midplate to see if everything will be ok when I will have the milled one! Next week there will be big news with the finished plate Stay tuned!
  3. Project Thunder by FlowMods

    Hi guys! First photos of the case after the first changes! I removed the original front panel and modified the original mobo plate, so that i now have a big black acrylic mobo plate with the space for the two reservoir that I already fixed! As you can see, I also printed a test midplate to check if everything is ok with the file I designed and.. everything seems ok What do you guys think? Stay tuned!
  4. Project Thunder by FlowMods

    Hi all! Design in progress.. Finished the midplate with channels.. what do you guys think? I will post asap some real photos of the case.. I started modifying it! See you guys
  5. Project Thunder by FlowMods

    I wrongly posted two empty message.. anyway.. Going on with the design that always come before the start of my mods, working on the loops
  6. Project Thunder by FlowMods

  7. Project Thunder by FlowMods

  8. Project Thunder by FlowMods

    Starting a new project! Project Thunder is based on a beautiful black X71 by Thermaltake! As all my mods, it will have custom liquid loops and this time the color theme will be a little bit different Stay tuned! Thanks to Thermaltake Technology Inc
  9. Project Flux is finally finished after many months of hard work! I want to thank Thermaltake Technology Inc for having invited me to partecipate in this awesome event! I also want to thank all the sponsor: Thermaltake Technology Inc ASUS ASUS Republic of Gamers Intel V-Color Technology Inc. Also thank you to Icemodz.com that sent me the material I used for all the cables! Hope you all will like my project and.. Mod on!
  10. Little spoiler.. finishing touches
  11. Finally, the GPU waterblock has arrived! And it's really awesome! Now.. last step.. let's fill the loops!
  12. I made some changes to the loops.. I used flexible rubber hoses under the plate and I switched the flowmters after the pump instead of before.. I am now reassembling the entire case and I am ready to fill the first loop with red liquid!
  13. Cables completed! What do you guys think?
  14. Decided the color scheme.. Sleeving 50% done.. what do you think about? .