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Found 4 results

  1. Thermaltake Group at Computex 2009

    Check out what we had to show back at Computex 2009!
  2. Thermaltake Group at Computex 2010

    Here are some of the Computex 2010 event photos for the guys that missed it! Whats your favorite?
  3. Thermaltake Group at Computex 2013

    Here are some of the photos from Computex 2013, what's your favorite? Booth design Modding cases Urban series in white Chaser tank mod More tanks Level 10 Avengers mod Chaser, AMD red theme Urban series, simple yet elegant
  4. Thermaltake Group at Computex 2014

    For the people that did not catch us back at Computex 2014, i have uploaded some of the photos for you guys to check out! Let us know in the comments what was your favorite product last year Booth design Storage Power supply Cooling Core V41 Core V1 Core V31 NVidia Core V71 Test bench setup Aircooling Pacific RL series Radiators More Radiators! Laptop cooling More laptop cooling! Luna fans Pure series fans Water 3.0 Ultimate 360mm AIO watercooling Water 3.0 Pro & Water 3.0 Performer Fittings! Waterblocks D5 Pumps 5.25" bay reservoir External Storage Fan hub and a lot of fans Our display setup!