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Found 9 results

  1. I just bought my Cronos RGB 7.1 headset and really like the quality, but when I activate the lights, there is a loud humming noise in time with the lights settings (Spectrum Running, Pulse Jumping, and Static). Is this supposed to happen? If so, is there a way to turn it off so that you have the lights without the annoying humming noise?
  2. matthewboogie

    Tt eSPORTS CRONOS Cord Breakage

    I recently won the Cronos Headset and it had good sound and I was pleased but I have a horrible problem. The cord kinks up and it recently just broke in the middle and now the headset is unusable. Is this a defect or has anyone else had this problem?
  3. Hi!. A few months ago I bought this Cronos Headset and certainly I'm very frustated with the mic quality when recording. It sounds very dully, no shine at all. I've tried connecting it in both ports (front and rear) but can't get a satisfying sound after recording. Just in case I've tried recording with another mic(much older and an unknown mark) and the sound was much better, loud and clear. I've also tried with another Cronos, a new one, and the sound was exactly the same. Any advice? Thank you very much!
  4. CRONOS GO – Gaming Headset – Highly functional stereo headset consist awesome ear cups that can both swivel-inward and fold flat for convenient transport! The CRONOS GO gaming headset offers the ultimate lightweight and convenience in portability, allowing you to focus on gaming anywhere! More info: http://bit.ly/1mF8wnv Buy Now: http://bit.ly/1IQ6aN4
  5. Guest

    CRONOS AD Owners Club

    The CRONOS AD is our high fidelity gaming headset for eSport athletes. It’s packed with a fully auto-adjusting headband that takes comfort to the next level, and includes powerful 40mm neodymium magnetic drivers so you never miss enemy footsteps. Whether you’re already a professional gamer, or just starting out - the Tt eSPORTS CRONOS AD offers the perfect match of performance with unbeatable comfort and design
  6. My Cronos headsets Cord has been heating up to extreme heats, yesterday i didnt notice it till i smelled the cord burning then felt is and burnt myself. This is still underwarrenty so what can i do to get it fixed? http://imgur.com/Xa9KIoYheres another pic
  7. I received my cronos headset from my friend for my birthday, this was a couple months ago. Today I woke up to find my headset not working, upon further examination I noticed it was a problem with the cable, specifically the USB connector, evidently it was damaged from a fall or something else. The lights work only if I push the connector to the side constantly, but the sound doesn't work, or the microphone. My question is, where do I find a new USB cable and connector, I've looked everywhere.
  8. Purchased a Cronos headset a few months back, and I am pretty satisfied with it. It fits comfortably on my head, the lights look absolutely kickass, and I love the quality of the sound they provide. But one of my pet peeves is that the microphone just doesn't seem to work. I get the occasional burst of static when I fiddle with the switch, and I know the jack is plugged in properly, but no matter what, it just refuses to record my voice. And yet, with the alternate cable provided, which I use for listening to music on my iPhone, the mic works like a charm. I'm a little annoyed by this, and I just want a quick solution that works for me.
  9. CyberDustin777


    These are by far the most comfortable headphones I've ever had, and the fact that you can use them with mobile devices makes them that much better. The cables plug into the bottom of the left ear cup and disconnect if you tug on it. I did have to get a new mobile cord sent to me because the one that came with them was somehow messed up and the sound was horrible. I contacted customer support and they sent me one in a flash, and it works perfectly. After a follow up e-mail, I was told not to waste my money sending the bad cable back and to just deal with it as I wish. Best customer support ever!!!