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Found 1 result

  1. http://www.iebeads.com/ Why does everybody like to wear garnet hand chain? Garnet is belonged to intermediate and lapidary, the stone of emerald green pomegranate of qualitative nevertheless actor also can have very high value, the price of emerald of approachable even same color. Overall for, the value of garnet arrives from yellow of green, orange, red according to color wine is ordinal reduce. Garnet is OK still basis transparent, quality and cut the respect such as labour to be a basis, in-house and clean, diaphaneity tall, grain is big, cut worker worker perfect person have higher value. Starlight garnet, become angry the commercial value of garnet is very high also. A lot of countries on the world are violet tooth black surely " January birthstone " , friendly affection of indicative and faithful, garnet and chastity. Hesperian thinks violet tooth black has the magical effect of cure the sickness to save the patient; In middle east, violet tooth black is chosen to become royal authenticating object. Red lets person couplet remember blood, garnet is right haemal circulation and hormonal secrete the stimulative effect with have certain, the health of good reproduction system and relevant organ, let a person bend over below, put garnet in back vertebral most the place of lower end coccyx, but slowly receptor is oscillatory, corresponding sea return pulley, can increase function power and but book purifies milt by relevant splenetic activation, but if sensitive constitution or the person that prepare without psychology to this practice had better avoid such doing, lest bring harm. Allegedly garnet still can be bitten with preventing a snake and bromatoxism, be reference only. Garnet can let a person have the charm that defies hard, draw on happiness and lasting love, increase self-confidence, antagonism melancholy, help person faces the traumatic memory in the past, go explaining understanding with another angle, obtain the condition of quiet joyance. Can enhance vitality, vigor and staying power; Stimulative recovery capability and blood circulate, have raise Yan Meirong's rejuvenescent effect. Can improve cutaneous defect, prevent cut aggravation. Increase the inspiration when the person thinks, avoid unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is changed evil spirit, become what do not suffer outside force to encroach to protect body stone. Of all ages, garnet is considered as devotional, faithful and symbolize honestly, believe it has the effect of cure the sickness to save the patient, even the fine medicine that somebody thinks maize garnet is to treat icteric disease; Go out if the traveller has garnet photograph partner, insurable journey is restful, avoid be frighted risk.