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Tt Andy

Do you think sound cards are worth buying?

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I compared the Creative Zonar ZXR and the ASUS Phoebus (sp?) with the on board audio of my MB (Maximus Formula 7), and it honestly isn't worth the investment for me.  The on board audio of my MB either matches or comes extremely close to that of $200+ sound cards.

If I had a cheaper MB, maybe I'd invest in one, but the higher end MB's just don't need them in my opinion.

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Most decent motherboards have on-board audio that supports at least 5.1 Surround Sound; there are even a few that have 7.1 & 7.2 support. For someone doing professional audio work, musicians, or audiophiles, it may be worth it to drop another couple hundered dollars for a high end audio card. Most people should be satisfied with on-board though.


Its the same mental calculus we play with graphics cards. Ask someone with a GTX 750Ti if they *need* to upgrade to a Titan X, and the answer is usually a  technical "no", since a 750Ti will play just about any game with fair graphics settings. At this point the conversation changes from *need* to *WANT*, and the answer changes accordingly.

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