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Tt Tautlih

Power Charging Myths Q&A

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  1. 1. Do not use your phone whilst charging.

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Many people will still use their phone whilst charging and in the past, it was advised to not to use it whilst charging to avoid overheating and other related hazards. But in fact...the majority of reports of overheating, fires, battery explosions has been placed on the use of unlicensed chargers.

Consumers need to be educated in that cheap mobile accessories, power banks are cheap for a reason. Have they undergone the relevant and appropriate testing, are they using the correct materials, or have they been cutting corners in order to reduce cost. Pay a little more to put your mind and safety at ease.


All LUXA2 power banks have undergone all the required safety and conformity certifications to ensure users get the best Quality, Performance and Reliability.

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