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Tt eSPORTS POSEIDON - Intermittently typing "m" twice...?

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For those following the thread, here's what I sent via email to eexplain the situation:


For the past feew months I've had an issue with thee letter "E" sometimees appearing more than once even though I only press oncee.
Even though I've had the keyboard for almost 2 years and it's only appeared a few months ago, I thought it was due to my typing style.
A couple of weeks back I got very sick of having to fix up my typing (I'm not fixing any mistakes in this email so you can see how often the issue occurs) that I Googled the issue and found the forum thread that I posted too.  I also loggeed a fault on the website as per my post.  Furthermore, since I didn't get a response to the first time I logged a support ticket, I logged it again, and mentioneed it on the forum.
The letter "e" will appear more than once, usually 2 will appeear although there's times when 3 have appeared and it's totally random and only affects the letter "e".
I hope this explains the situation.
As you can see from this email, I would have had to have fixed this problem at least 9 times. Its annoying to look up at the screen and find so many mistakes to go back and correct.


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