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These all keyboards have chattering and led lighting dead issue and which is not getting fixed. Once you buy it you will be ended up with an endless RMA loop where you will have to spend each time for shipping your product back to the seller and then wait another one month for getting the replacement.

I don't know why Thermaltake is not able to fix the issue with new keyboards, all them have it, my 3 keyboards got replaced in my 1 and half year. I have other thermaltake products but none of them has faced a single issue in last two years, why only these keyboard face same issue again and again.

Please don't kill the brand image because of this small issue. 

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Hi, As promised thermaltake released new keyboard with new software (Thermaltake Premium X1), however software is still outdated and basic in year 2018 with no ability to add multilayer lighting effects same as Razer and Corsair are offering for past few years. Thermaltake please "Make your keyboards great again" with great software like Razer synapse and Corsair Cue.  :(

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