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Luxa2 S100 Wireless Charging Pad & Receiver Kit.

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Hey guys The Mad Modder here. I got this killer little wireless charger from Thermaltake Technology Inc LUXA2 as a gift. Thank you very much. :D  

It's the S100 Wireless Charging Pad and Receiver Kit....It is pretty interesting it is a two piece kit comprised of a charging pad that plugs into your USB ports(USB 3.0 provides the 1.5 amp charge rate that most new Smartphones use.) The other piece is a small round Puck that acts as a receiver. The little puck has connections for both Android, IOS and other Micro USB compatible devices...... What I really like about it is you can be charging your phone and it rings...You don't have to unplug the cable just pick it up. When your done just set it back down on the charging pad, and it continues charging...Pretty nifty device....now I just need one for the Shop, Garage and Office.  :D







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