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Theron Mouse Software - Warning Please plug-in Gaming Device...

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I have this issue too, on a Theron I purchased a month or two ago.


I'm pretty shocked.  I see this issue has been around a long time, at least a year and a half, and no definitive fix.  I downloaded and installed the latest version available on your web site, and still it does not recognize that the device is plugged in.


Honestly, "please try another USB port" is also a really terrible answer.  Please fix your software so I don't have to do wonky workarounds and hope it works.

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Hi there, we'd like to recognize if that is the problem of the hardware or the software. Could you follow these steps and see if that help or not:


1. Try on the other computer

If the mouse doesn't work, please contact our customer service for RMA: http://my.ttesports.com/csTech.aspx

If the mouse works, please go to step two.


2. Reinstallation AP

1. plug out your mouse

2. remove AP

3. go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Tt eSPORTS\Tt eSPORTS THERON PLUS and clean all files 

4. restart your computer

5. plug in the mouse

6. install AP


3. If the software still can't find your mouse, please go to the device manager. Press your right button on the mouse and refresh it by our software. 

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The mouse works - scroll wheel, left & right clicks.  Nothing else.  Tried everything you listed under this thread and nothing worked.  The recovery software would crash my Windows 10 64Bits.  Your software doesn't recognize the mouse - this is so ironic.


Basically, I paid for a premium on a mouse that does what $5 mouse would do.  Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.  It took me a while to find this thread and I can't imagine how many others are unable to locate a proper source for help.

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