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You should go to Yakiniku Black Hole in Shinjuku if you have the chance, I heard that place in particular has some of the best beef ever that you actually cook yourself on the little grills at each table. There's also KFC's (They are practically a Christmas tradition over there) Route 25 chain of Tokyo restaurants that have bars and some interesting menu items such as some ornate biscuits and a six cheese pizza with some maple syrup drizzled on it (I didn't make that up either), making it one of the fanciest locations of any international fast food chain I've seen pictures/videos of.


I wish I was there considering Japan is easily my undisputed dream vacation with the far contenders being Las Vegas and Seattle to attend a Dota 2 International (That would be as financially nightmarish as Japan seeing how much tickets and lodging would be for it). At least I have The Hill here which is essentially the Little Italy of Missouri as well as the birthplace of Toasted Ravioli, Provel (Essentially like American Cheese but with smoked provolone, white cheddar and swiss instead) and the STL thin-crust pizza that's topped with it.

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2014 Xmas Contest - This holiday season we will be running a Tt dude and Santa game competition on our Community Forums! Play the Tt dude and Santa’s Ball-Bustin’ Bajinko Game and post a screenshot of your score for your chance to win!


Event link: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F987-xmas-contest-tt-dude-and-santa’s-ball-bustin’-bajinko-game/

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I finally got my very own Tt Dude. The package also contained a folder and a water bottle which I thought was really cool. My TT Dude came by way of Santa's Ball Bustin' Bajingo game during Christmas 2014. I couldn't believe I actually won round 2 of the game. But I did and I got my very own Tt Dude and I couldn't be happier. I will take care of him like family. Shoot, it wasn't 5 minutes and he was jumping into my rig to check it out. He will be very happy here for a very long time.  Thank you Thermaltake and Tt eSports. :wub:



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