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LUXA2 E-One Headset holder review.

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Hey guys whats up The Mad Modder coming back at you with a quick look at the LUXA2 E-One Headset stand.


There are a few headset stands out there. Most of the good one are usually found in most Pro-Audio shops with a hefty price tag. There have been a few made for gamer's however most of them were made of sub-par materials and didn't last long. With that lets take a look at the LUXA2 E-One. 


The box is brightly and clearly illustrated. The front of the box has a large illustration of the product.



Around to the rear we see another brightly colored illustration of the product. Below that are highlights of the 4 key features of the product.



Inside the package we find the product encased in a foam cocoon, and a users manuel.



As you can see the product is very carefully packed in a special foam sarcophagus to keep it safe from the evil delivery company on it travel to your desktop.


Once we take the headset stand out of the foam tomb. You get to feel the actual weight and how solid it actually is. The Metallic Silver gives it a high quality look to it.



Here is a close up of the LUXA2 logo and the high quality finish.



The bottom has a massive rubber padding the covers 90% of the surface to make sure you headset stand doesn't slide around, and stays where you put it.



The top of the headset rest has the same rubber padding as the bottom to protect your headrest on you favorite headphones.



And as you can see it does an excellent job of keeping my headset nice and safe.


Well there you go guys. The LUXA2 E-One Aluminum Headset Holder. I can defiantly recommend this product. It's solid construction, quality materials and luxury appearance set it apart from it's competitors. I also have the Hyperion from Tt eSports. I like it a lot as well but this fits my Modern Minimalist style better.


See you next Mod.

Nick Blackwell

The Mad Modder

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I need to pick up another one of these myself. Sadly gave mine to someone who at the time was doing Headset reviews and benefited more from it, silly me really. Has to be my favourite headset holder I have come across so far personally. 

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