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『We at ALG are very pleased to announce the beginning of a spectacular alliance with the best in the gaming business, Tt eSPORTS.

As Proud members of the Tt Esports family, Armor Legion Gaming will strive to live up to the respectable standards that Tt eSPORTS have established and bring further glory to the Tt eSPORTS trophy case.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership, bringing the best there is in gaming tech to the forefront of gaming, both local and international.

Using the latest in gaming technology, the Tt eSPORTS Plus+ we will know just how many enemies we have laid to rest, how many clicks took us to victory and give us the edge we needed to overcome our obstacles.

To victory with Tt eSPORTS is now our calling, and we will answer.


By Armor Legion Gaming
CEO and Owner
ALG | WCvanO
Wimpie Van Onselen 



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I would like to extend my gratatude to Paul and Johnny for the great oppertunity, we would like thank everyone that was involved with all the designing and the organising. its been a long 2 month session. #Ttesports #ALG #RoadtoDGC

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Guys can head over to our

Facebook page :



Website :


many thanks enjoy your day :)

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【 Armor Legion Gaming, one of the best professional eSPORTS teams from South Africa, is now joining Team Tt eSPORTS 】


This youtube video is still unlisted. Do you want to change it to public or leave it unlisted?

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As a member of the [ALG] Vanguard team I would like to say thank you to Thermaltake & Team Tt eSports for this wonderful opportunity and we look forward to a long and successful partnership together.

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Morning guys


i would like to post our Announcement video here as well, thank you to the Ttesports team for making post about us on Facebook, we really appreciate what you guys do for us.



regards Barend "DR3GOR" Bester

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Catch ALG Vanguard's biggest match for the DGL Winter Leg vs ApG.Eternal. With no loss to either team tonight will most certainly be the tightest match of the season, for these teams.
Nail Biting • Split second reactions • Close quarters action • Tonight in the DGL 5V5 Domination Streamed live by CaptainJakes nAvTV

Stream starts at 19:35 UTC/GMT +2
Defibs sceduled at 19:45 UTC/GMT +2
Match starts at 20:00 UTC/GMT +2



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Good day fellow gamers. Here is some good news from the Armor Legion Gaming camp.


Our Veteran Battlefield team Vanguard has been doing exceptionally well this winter leg of our National competition the Do Gaming League.

Only suffering a single loss against the current South-African champions APG, they are sure to reach the Finals in October where the championships will take place. There are still 2 games left in this leg, so good luck Vanguard. ALG Hooah!!
Our CS:GO team Explicit is looking good. They have been in vigorous training as they are a new team for ALG but they do show amazing talent and promise.


Good luck to our CS:GO team as they are nearing the final stages of the leg and knocking on the door for the promotion playoffs.


We also have other teams competing in the winter leg that are showing great passion for what they do. Please follow the links below and make sure to follow us as we build up for the championship finals in October.


Follow Legions progress here :

Follow Retributions progress here :

Follow End Game's progress here :

Follow Nemisis progress here :


ALG is always to looking to expand and forge ahead in the gaming community and as such are launching a DOTA 2 team. Our current core 5 are an amazing team of seasoned DOTA players. So keep an eye on this thread for more news

So from all of us at ALG, thank you for the kind support.


ALG Hooah!!

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