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[UK] Dave Alcock


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    Just Getting Started

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Dave deserves to win, because..

1. he's from the UK

2. His work on this mod is phenomenal!

3. he's from the UK

4. i love orange :P




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I am so much in love with this paint! its pure the colours because its so freaking classing!. right now im rocking a cheap Used storm trooper with some mods.


i love your paint so much. it does me remind of the CSGO paintjob




    CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 Competitor

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thanks for the comments folks!!! well, deadline is fast approaching and I have been putting off as much physical work as long as i can on this build to try and rest my hand, but I need to pull my finger out and get it sorted.
So, for the case we were given Thermaltake Core X9s' a choice of either one or two! Naturally I took two!!
For the first case I just wanted it to hold all the things I want to keep hidden, a full X9 is far too big for this, so let's see what we can do!
So these cases are huge! They can fit multiple fans and set ups in them this is the outer packaging. It took a bit of a knock in transit =(
Luckily everything is fine inside, I obviously went with white for my colour choice.
The two side panels are switchable, so you can have the window on either side. I prefer to have my windows on this side :D
This IO panel can be moved to either side also!!
The case has plenty of options for your drive bays, they are quick release, but you can screw optical drives in also.
There are plenty of slots for you to add as many PCI-e components as you want.
you can also choose which side you want the PSU (or in theory run two PSUs i guess!)
There are multiple options for radiators, for example, you can put 2 480 radiators in the top as well as many other options.
The motherboard tray goes flat in this case, you can also see plenty of space for HDDs and even more radiator mounts.
So, lets start to strip the case down!
First to go are those drive bays and the mobo tray.
And then all this was removed too :o As you can see, it's starting to dark, so it was time to work fast!
Oh dear, what does the blue tape mean :/
We will have to see later! First its time to drill out all these rivets.
Lots and lots of rivets.
EEEEEK it's going dark and im half way through dismantling the case! Just 10 more mins of light please!!
More bits removed!
And finally, this is how the case looked when it was too dark to work =( It's certainly a lot smaller!! Anyone guess the plan?
Well that's all for now, this update was meant to be up a little while back, but i've been a busy little bee. It just means il have another one for you very soon!!



    CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 Competitor

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So, let's start where we left off. More blue tape. blue tape scares me. it means work.
Wait, what!?!?! Yup, blue tape means cutting time :D! My thumb has been stopping me using power tools (It really hurts from the vibration) but i popped a few tramadol and got on with it!
Boom! after the second cut we get this! I did the same for the back of the case too. 
and started to put it all back together just using a couple of pins to hold the two bits together for now, I will be filing down both cuts a little better and fixing them together better in the near future.
Riveting the case back together was a breeze, and because I didn't just cut the case in half, and did two cuts, i could use all the original bars
The cuts are not perfectly straight, but I only have basic tools (dremel, cheap jig saw etc) I wish I could afford some kind of chop saw, band saw or something similar so I can do them in one long gut =(
Even though, the spirit level says im not too far out.
Now I can start a test fit to make sure my measurements were correct.
Its going to be a tight squeeze, especially with cables and tubing all being hidden under here, but I think it will be doable. 
I will be doing a few tests on fan orientation, at the moment they are both bringing air from outside the case, then i am going to put a fan pushing the air through the front, so that the air has a release, it will be nice if this works, I am sceptical though!
I am happy with how this part of the build has turned out, it was a big step for me cutting it as much as I did with the lack of tools I have! 
This is just a quick shot to show how much space I have actually lost, quite a lot!!
Whilst I was doing this I also sprayed up a waterblock, and made this: its not perfect, but a little rub down with some sand paper will sort it out :D 
Next is the other case, I pretty much only have 2 days to finish this build now so I will be very strapped for time. I have a lot of work to do, some which will be hard for me to figure out how to get it working, but I am confident! 
Wish me luck guys :P!



    Just Getting Started

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Awesome!  Best of luck & keep the pedal to the metal.  Can't wait to see it all finshed in it's tangerine & white goodness.



    CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 Competitor

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Thanks!!, just a very quick pick to show you what I have done today! you can start seeing what I am going to be doing with the second case!
Apologies for the lack of quality, It was taken on my mobile, my camera is packed away ready for a trip to NL to see Peter Brands, Hukkel, Keir DBR and a few others! It's going to be a modders party it seems! (If everyone can make it!!)

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    Just Getting Started

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Looking great Dave still rooting for you to win, hope you have a great time in NL and buy Peter a pint for me plz, Peter and Frank helped me when I did my first custom loop :P 



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  • LocationVancouver, Washington

Hope to see your finished build soon, Best of luck my friend



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waiting to see the finished build.. cool so far Dave!



    Just Getting Started

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Wanting to see that finished build so much!  Hope you enjoyed NL.



    CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 Competitor

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 Well, I am still alive and this build is something I am still working on, I am just struggling with time and the amount of work I have left to do as well as other things (I am in Madrid tomorrow for instance!!)
Today I spent a lot of time on the build, mainly doing cables! Here are the cables I made.
A massive thanks to E22.biz for sending me the supplies for this, you are awesome! The orange sleeve is brand new stock for them and obviously will be my favorite!
So, First I grabbed all my sleeving supplies, a lot of stuff is currently on loan to people, so i'm using my spare gear!
This is the brand new orange sleeving from e22.biz. It is actually a really nice orange!
I always cut all my cables first to lengths. For this build I needed to make extensions as the original cables for the PSU are probably a little short for a double sized case!
Next, its crimping each cable. All 104 crimps.. urgh.
Then sleeving time and putting them into the connectors.
Once I finished they looked like this!
24 Pin cable:
8 Pin GPU cables: 
4 + 8 pin EPS cable:
I love the finish and contrast of the white and orange in these cables, they work really well and the natural curve that I have given them should make them look clean and tidy!
Once again a huge thank you to E22.
Now something different from me. This build was meant to be finished over a week ago. As I have mentioned numerous times though, I had a bit of an accident with my hand that set me back and it means I will most probably still be working on this build when the winner of the competition is announced. It is a shame as I was really excited to show what the UK modding scene could do. I am going to finish this build though regardless of the competition. I would like to apologise to Thermaltake for not completing the build before the deadline.
To my followers, if you want to vote for me please click Here strangely I am not last, which does lift my spirits a little! The other guys in the competition really have done an excellent job, and even though I have made myself look a lot worse by not finishing, I am glad those guys have done so well! 

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