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How Big is too Big for a Monitor Screen?

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Recently a friend of mine made himself a Projector screen for his PC. 

It feels really odd when he is surfing the web and we can see everything in its raw glory. It is good for movies and games though. 

So it made me ask the question.

How big it too big?




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Too big means can't see the entire screen from the seating distance.


Once you feel tired of moving mouse cursor, your screen is too big..... ^_^

That would be my answer as well, I think the only reason I'd ever go bigger than that is for those rare few PC games that support split-screen (Serious Sam 3, Dungeon Defenders, Left 4 Dead, Sonic & All Stars Racing, etc...) but then that would be more difficult to carry over somewhere unless I can find a vacant TV that size.

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