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Strange behavior from a Duet ST0014U-C (USB 3 only, with 4T drives)

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Looking at the previous requests there seems to be some trouble differentiating the different product versions out there.  I have a Duet with the product number ST0014U-C - this is a dual bay, USB 3.0 only unit that on the manual claims to support all size sata disks.  Some, especially with eSata seem to be stuck at 2T.


I'm trying to reset/clear some HGST 4T NAS drives for my synology.  Cleaning up partitioning after things get confused is a common fix for some issues.


Anyway, I hooked it up, dropped in the two drives I was having trouble with and device manager showed me two entries for JMicron SCSI Disk Device - although one had an error showing that it had "failed to migrate".


Neither of the drives (or either of the drives if I only had one in at a time) appear in Disk Management or anything - but, I can't scan for devices, diskpart hangs if I rescan, I can't even eject the USB to SATA bridge - it just hangs.  I can't power off, it hangs.  So, pulling out the usb connector, it displays an error and everything stuck clears  (I've done them one at a time and they each get stuck individually as well - until the cable is pulled..)


Any quick ideas?  These are linux disks but use GPT partition formatting.


If I only put in one drive, I don't get two entries, I only get one.  And if I swap disks, I don't get the migration error that I saw.


So, any magic to be had?  or am I going to have to pack this dock back up and rip apart my machine to hardwire the drives temporarily?




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As a followup, a little linux dd magic (overwriting the partition table) and now the disks are usable once again.  It's a shame the dock didn't work for me. Weird that the inserted drives didn't get picked up and things just hung so badly.  Perhaps we're a bit early for USB 3.x and relatively monstrous drives (although with 6 and 8T on the market it's not going to get easier.)

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