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Is there some kind of Linux support for Tt Smart DPS power supplies? So I can send data tot SPM from linux also...


I've tried the windows application (with wine), but it is not working. 


Also, there are a lot of tools that can be maybe used, but more information about micro controller used would help a lot.


Btw PSU fits into my system very nicely  :D


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Perhaps you're as surprised as I am about this, Miha.


I applied for an SPM shortly before Christmas, making it clear to Thermaltake that I would be installing the PSU in a Hackintosh. I even included a link to the article I'd written about building the original device, so there can have been no doubt about the intended use with Mac OSX.


Nowhere in my correspondence with Thermaltake prior to delivery did they mention operating system dependency on Microsoft Windows. I can't find it anywhere in their sales literature either. (Can you?). However, the email from Thermaltake that arrived today confirms that data collection/extraction from the device requires Microsoft's proprietary operating system.


Even though the SPMs are specifically described as "universal" (see attachment).


So I've removed a rather good Coolermaster 700W PSU and replaced it with a Thermaltake 650W PSU and am left with nothing interesting to tell my readers.


The very least Thermaltake can do, IMHO, is revisit their sales brochures to make this very limiting operating system dependency clear to customers.






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