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**ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**

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Hi guys.

'm still waiting for Thermaltake to send the cable, I've already received an email asking for an address, but for a month I have not received anything. I contacted them several times and I continue to receive no response, what do I do? I'll keep burning with the cable and I'll keep the card horizontal? I did not pay a fortune not to enjoy the full potential of the box. I do not understand why they sell stuff that does not work 100% or 50%! Can you give me some help ??
Thank you all.

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Hello Lont.

Well, pretty much everyone from this thread has received his cable sooner or later. In my case, it took 1,5 month before i do. I guess you will have to wait a bit longer but try to contact them again just in case.

In the mean time, have you tried Teusxx's solution in the previous post?

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