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I bought my cooler about a year ago, but as it was this whole time boxed in original package, since I had other cooler in use at that time, I didn't even open it since then, but when i opened it I was surprised to see that it only had mouthing kit for 775, i tied calling the store that sold me the cooler but they don't have spare parts for my cooler, so I was hoping that you can help me find a solution for attaching my cooler to my motherboard am3+. If any other cheaper coolers have the same mouthing kits I would prob buy it just for the spare part, and use the fans from that cooler for smth else xD (you can never have too much fans) :D 

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Sorry for the delay, been traveling last couple weeks to Computex.


The CLP0564 only supports AM3, not AM3+ so we dont make a bracket for that to be supported.


Normally if you are missing a part, just call our support and they can help.


My concern is did the box or any info tell you it was supposed to work for AM3+?

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