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Toughpower DPS G RGB Series - New Feature Intro

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The new feature - PC Off Remote Control & Warning Alert - offers two way control allowing users to turn off the system if the PSU operates abnormally.

For those who has already bought the SPM supported PSU, your PSUs are also free to upgrade the new feature.

The latest Toughpower DPS G RGB Titanium&Gold series also support the new feature


Download the Toughpower DPS G RGB Series guide to learn more


How the PC Off Remote Control works?


How to use and upgrade the new feature?

Step1. Download and install the DPS G PC App (V2.3.2 or above)


Step2. Download or upgrade the Mobile App on Apple Store or Google Play




Step3. Turn off/Restart the system by using the mobile devices or the website remotely and properly



Check out if your PSU support the PC Off Remote Control & Schedule Shutdown


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Taken of delivery of my 1250w titanium psu, all is great with it and its working seemlessly. However, the software is causing me a real problem. I am trying to get the fan colour enabled but whenever I start the DPS software, the desktop icons disappear, my machine completely freezes, and I have to restart in safe mode and uninstall the software in order for it to work


Thermaltake Core P5 Chassis

Intel i7 6700k

Asus Maximus Formula VIII Motherboard

32gb Avexir Tesla RAM

GTX 1080 Founders Edition GPU

1250w TT Titanium PSU

2 x 500gb Samsung EVO 850 ssd's

Custom open loop watercooling system (all EKWB)

Windows 10 Pro x64


Please can someone advise or provide me with a working hotfix please, as I have re-installed the TT software 8 times now, all with the same result. Not great for spending nearly £300 on a power supply, on for the software not to work.





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is your system running any monitoring tools, like ASUS monitoring software?

i am thinking if the monitoring softwares running in your system crash the PC app. 

so could you please disable or turn off the monitoring software and open the PC app again?

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