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Challenger Prime Software Non responsive

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Hello everyone, i just bought the combo and i'm getting frustrated  because the  software for the  challenger  prime won't do anything, it just stays on "please wait------" message, i tried to uninstall drivers/software, and nothing, software won't change  anything on the keyboard, pleas help

PS: I'm running windows 10 x64


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still nothing, also when i start the pc and i press the A key it writes "sd" instead of "a", i have to press the m1 key to fix it, the software does not work at all and  now the  keyboard  is typing 2 letters instead of  1 like "aa" or "dd", im  really frustrated, please help

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Software download link: http://www.ttesports.com/Keyboard/156/CHALLENGER_Prime/productPage.htm?a=a&g=ftr#.V7pae_l97RY


If it doesn't work, could you please contact our customer service:


USA / Canada :


Tel: Toll-Free 01-800-988-1088

M-F 9:00AM â€“ 5:30PM (P.S.T)   


Mexico :

Por Email: apoyotecnico@thermaltakeusa.com

Por Telefono: 01-800-823-2606

En el D.F: (55)5648-6715 Atencion de 10:00AM a 6:00PM (P.S.T)   


Brazil: suporte@thermaltakebr.com


Asia: cs2@thermaltake.com.tw


Europe:  support@thermaltake.de

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