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Riing 12 LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition - Software not that great

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The software was working good for a month or so and now it just crashes over and over. I have reinstalled windows so it must be crashing on the newest windows 10 build. Last windows update must have screwed us.


Please TT Update you're sofware again so my pc stops overheating and leaking !

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I can tell you something that might work but only if you do NOT have Windows 10 Anniversary update installed. I know the latest OS who would think anyone would use that! I had these fans before I just got the Riing Plus ones, and that is an even bigger mess. The software doesn't work period, 0 RPM, no ability to change RGB colors, and no controller identified. The XML file is not the entire picture, if you have Windows 10 RTM and NOT anniversary update, then delete the XML file, reinstall program, and then go find the TT folder under program files and find the icon labelled HID and set this to Windows 8 compatibility mode, this temporarily gets the software to recognize the fans until reboot.


I know this isn't a fix but at least you can even get the software working at all. The thing I can't figure out for the life of me is why or what Windows 10 Anniversary update brings that breaks this software 100%. The software is built on Hardware Monitor so please TT open up the software for the community to fix.

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Still waiting for a update TT... The 2.1.0v worked fine until a windows update causes it to crash all the time..


For me and my hard loop cooling it has made it leak twice. with no software my fans do not turn up and my loop gets to hot and pops out a fitting and leaks everywhere. So I am not being picky. This is a big issue... To call these usb fan controllers reliable you must first assure constant pwm control over the fans. Otherwise I should just go buy some cheap fans plug em on to mobo and let bios run fan pwm. 


I need stability #### !



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