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Riing 12 LED RGB TT Premium

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Hi Thermal Mike. 

I purchased a set of the premium Riing 12 RGB fans (actually 2 sets) and installed the fans and controller. 

The controller has the molex power connected and the usb cable is connect to the mother bother to the USB 9 pin heade 

(I tried both USB 1314 and USB 1112). 


Also installed the Software downloaded from the Thermaltake office website. 

I am not able to control or read any stats from the software.


Upon firing up the software, there is an error saying "Riing RGBFan HID" has stopped. 

I am using windows 10 and the motherboard I am using is the ASUS Maximus VIII Formula.

 I tried just single controller (yes I did check the dip switch). 

Also I tried plug/unplug the usb cable to the controller and windows seems to detects the change of device configuration; 

so the USB connection (physically) between the controller and the MB appears to be okay.


I am wondering what would be the problem. Please help and let me know if more detail is required. 


Thanks Henry

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