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Issues with new Challenger Prime

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I just received this new keyboard.. I like the feel and look of the keyboard but there are more turn offs than I want it to be. First, the backspace, and ctrl buttons have to be pushed hard or at the very middle to actually respond. Second, the windows key that turns off when switched to game mode.. Bearable but it looks like this has been posted for over a year now, why is it that there has been no updates whatsoever when you claimed it's being looked into? Now for the major dealbreaker, Why is it that I can't press my macros while I'm pressing other keys? For example.. Me walking around World of Warcraft holding the "W" key, I can't even press the macros while moving forward, I have to stop every single time? What's the purpose of the macro then? Is there any way I can fix this even if I have to do it manually? Registry? Edit something on profile? Please help!

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