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TTK Riing 12 RGB Fan not working properly

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Hi guys,


Just finished my build with a 360mm radiator that has 3 ttk riing fans mounted. All three fans are connected to the TTK riing controller and the controller is connected to one my Sys_Fan connectos in the MB. The problem is that one of the fans will not start spinning when I turn on the computer. It looks like it tries and moves like a 1/4 spin but it stops. I also testing changing the speed in the controlled with the same result and finally I gave it a little push and it did spin a bit but after a couple mins it stopped. I also connecting the fans in differente places within the controller and in the mother board just to get the same result. Any ideas?




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Please respond Thermaltake, as I am experiencing the same problem!


- The button controller does not respond to any clicks (ie. Speed wont change, colours wont cycle, play/pause does nothing).

- Quite occasionally 2/3 fans will not spin. Likewise to previous user, they will attempt a 1/4 spin and eventually just stop altogether.

- With a push start, they will start spinning. I dont particularly want to open my case every time I turn on my PC!!


Would these be characteristics of a faulty controller???


I look forward to hearing from you,


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I am also experiencing a problem with the Riing fans that came with my Thermaltake View31 chassis. Sometimes 1 or more fans just stop spinning!


I either have to reboot or adjust the fan speen on my motherboard software to get the fans to spin up again.


Please help.

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