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im having issues with the blac x

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i have the same issues that i have been reading about, the only way that i have even gotten windows to recognize the docking station was to go move to the safe eject menu, it didn't show up in the disk management window nor did it show up in any partition manager i tried how ever the option to eject was grayed out, there was how ever show up in device manager and it stated driver was not installed. i'm using windows 7 ultimate and it is up dated when i removed it from device manager and restarted my computer and reconnected the docking station it still has an issue with the driver, and it requires to eject then turn it off then back on in order to access any drive, i have multiple drives all contain data. any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  just for insight i repackage software.



 stay safe in what ever you do.

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