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Tt Andy

[Russia] Anton Popovich

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I am happy to be the part of TT Casemod event, because it's real challenge for true PC enthusiasts. And you know what? I happy to add my vision to worldwide TT trend of modding. I want people play good games on good PC and this is most simple and real: play good games with good music.

Going to make final photos  of Project Godlike_TempesT, hope you guys enjoy it. Rock!

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I was always inspired by theme of space and science fiction. Waiting Mass Effect: Andromeda, I put all my powers to make PC project "space module Tempest" for CASEMODE. Everyone play games! As a tech part I shift case: front panel of Thermaltake Core X5 become top panel, and everyone can see double-LCS through big glass.
Thanks Thermaltake for that opportunity and tech en experience!


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Phenomenal build & beautiful end result!  Good luck!


Thanks for sharing the build process, so us plebs can get some inspiration XD   If I could put in the same amount of work & get a result that looked half as great I'd be happy.

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