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Why is it so hard to get Thermaltake parts in the UK?

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Hello All,


Does anyone know why it is so hard to get the water cooling parts from Thermaltake in the UK?  I would love to buy a new water-cooling rig but I can't seem to buy all the parts I need in one go as most places only sell cases and to buy online here is $480 shipping with taxes?


Does anyone know of any good UK / Europe sites for water-cooling parts?



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you can find Thermaltake products at most major etailers, like SCAN, box, Eclipse, CCL, Chillblast, FiercePC, AriaPC and many more. When it comes to the water cooling parts, you are somewhat more limited. I would recommend checking out SCAN, box or watercooling.co.uk for that. We are working on bringing better availability of the Pacific water cooling products to the European market. Thanks for your interest in our products!

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