Thermaltake Level 10 size information

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I bought a used "Thermaltake Level 10" but it does not have the lock system and cleats.

Is it possible to buy them or to have the dimensions to design or find a DIY store?

thank you


(Sorry for my bad english, I'm french)




J'ai acheté d'occasion un "thermaltake Level 10" mais celui-ci ne possède pas le système de serrures ni les taquets.

Y aurait il possibilité d'en acheter ou d'avoir les dimensions pour les concevoir ou les trouver dans un magasin de bricolage ?

Merci à vous



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Hi my friend, i have this case, how can i help you? Do you need the dimensios of the locking system? is that it? Sorry my english too, i'm from Brazil lol

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