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Top panel that controls top exhaust fans started smoking

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So about a month ago when i was building my new PC with one of your cases. The fan control board that controls both the top fans and the LEDs started smoking. i immediately turned it off. Apparently with a google search i was able to see that this is not an uncommon problem.

I googled the problem and was sent to your warranty site but the problem is, there is no area on your warranty claim page/form that allows me to select this specific fan control plate.

Its a simple fix... 3 screws and this is getting outgrageous, as i have tried to contact you direct and i keep just getting generic bot responses.

Please help a loyal customer. Thanks


here are some pictures of the board, its a simple fix but all i keep getting is sent back to warranty and there is no option for replacing this fan board.



--side note, the USB ports and Audio/microphone work fine.



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