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Bought Challenger Gamingkeyboard earlier today, bugs and weird behaviour

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I bought the keyboard in question from a retail earlier today. Challenger Gaming Keyboard. The keyboard itself works, but FN + F keys do not.

What is more, I am unable to uninstall the drivers.


To explain, on my task bar there is a Tt icon, named "Tt eSPORTS Challanger gaming keyboard". However, I cannot open it, I cannot click it or do anything with it. Also, I cannot uninstall this program, as when I try to, it "opens up" but I cannot access it anywhere. It is not on my monitor, nor is there any window to click on. This halts the uninstallation process, as I assume, there is something I need to click in this program. And as I cannot access the program to click this - no uninstallation.


The same problem is with the programs in folder. Trying to run the program HID.exe does nothing. Config.exe gives an error that keyboard is not plugged in, and doesn't open anything beyond that. CD disc key installation program likewise is missing, although the icon is open in task bar.


So, how can I uninstall these drivers without accessing the program to click yes or how to repair this? Any help is appreciated, thanks...

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