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URGENT! NEED CD FOR : Muse X-Duo RAID, please, will pay!!

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i got Muse X-Duo RAID by thermaltek

i don't have the cd, and the java web based "nas discovery utility" i downloaded from the product page:


can't find the nas, suuport page not providing the windows utility,

i have,

Muse X-Duo RAID,





if it's up on port 80 i got lame panel configurator that can't do much:,

------------------------------------ Network Attached Storage Configurator

Hardware Version: V2
Software Version: AG_NAS-V2.1

To change any settings you need to login as root!!




and i can access it via ssh with "root" blank password, and i see montavista linux,

does anyone have this product can send me the utilitys from the cd?

will pay 5-10$ on paypal for the ISO  just for motivation.. :)

the nas is useless without the proper configuration by the utility application



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