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WP100 - Early Days.

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Hello all! After a year and change with my V51 Build (photos in V51 Owners Forum), I decided to go big w/ the WP100 chassis.


Breaking down the build (as is):


Thermaltake WP100 Chassis

Intel i7-6800k

EVGA x99 Classifed

128GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @3k


4x EVGA Hydro Copper GTX 980

EVGA 4-Way SLI Pro Bridge, Version 2

Toshiba OCZ 256GB M.2 SSD

Western Digital 500GB Velociraptor SATA III HD

EVGA T2 1600w PSU

Thermaltake PR22+D5 w/ Silent Pump/Reservoir

2x Thermaltake RL280 Heat Exchanger

5x Thermaltake Riing RGB 140mm Fans

4x Thermaltake Riing RGB 120mm Fans *NOTE: One of the fans isn't aligned properly & clips the side of the fan case; sounds terrible. Tt RMA inprog.

6x Thermaltake Lumi RGB LED Strips

3x Swiftech 41-65mm Male-to-Male Lok-Seal Fittings

10x Thermaltake Pacific 90-Degree Elbow Fitting

11x Thermaltake Pacific 3/4OD Compression Fittings

2x Thermaltake Pacific 30mm Male-to-Female Fittings

In the near future I plan to change things up a bit & add some additional hardware. An Asus Blu-Ray R/W optical drive, a multi.-card reader, a Thermaltake PR2U Pump/Reservoir (when available in the US), a Tt RL360 radiator for up top, and some additional fans.


The build was straightforward; lots of little screws, but nothing too difficult. I thought the instruction manual was quite handy & easy to follow. I chose not to install the hard drive racks b/c I don't use that many; and I like the look of the big open chassis. I also need to pick up additional cords/controllers for the Lumi's & Riings fans so I can improve on cable management.




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