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dpi control doesn't work, no response from support

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Using Windows 10.  Plugged in mouse and windows recognizes it as a regular mouse and it works like a regular mouse.  Installed the Tt_eSPORTS_THERON_Plus_V1.2 driver successfully.  Upon reboot, the monitor appears in the tray.  However the additional features (example DPI settings) don't work (no OSD messages and there is no change in DPI).  I have to run the application and change profiles.  At that point the buttons work and OSD confirms until the next reboot.  As you can appreciate this is a tedious exercise.   Is there something I have done wrong or is there an issue with the mouse or driver?


I submitted a support request a week ago and no one has responded.

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Hi there, you need to click "launch" to open the software.


It was designed to be closed then you restart the computer until you open the software


Btw, If you want to add some photos you can click "More Reply Options" here


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I don't have an issue launching the software.  It launches.

The problem is that the DPI setting button and other non standard mouse buttons don't work until a launch the software AND change the profile.   Upon fresh reboot, the DPI buttons don't work.


The profiles all support DPI settings buttons.  I can start on profile1.  The DPI buttons don't work.  I then change from 1 to profile 2 and then back profile 1 and the buttons work again.


This isn't the way it is supposed to work  (please correct me if I am wrong)


After the software is installed (computer rebooted), I should be able to use the dpi settings button without having to launch the software and change profiles. 


This does not work for me


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