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[Worklog][Jonsbo W2 Black Window]H2O Cube

- - - - - Casemod Jonsbo W2 Aquatuning Water Cooling

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I´m the new guy here. Actually I had a account here before, many years ago but I cannot remember the name and maybe it has been deleted due to inactivity.

Some of you may have seen me in other forums too ;)

Since I´m nearly done with my old Project, I guess the time has come to start another one.

I have chosen a Jonsbo W2 Black Window PC case as a base.

I like this case because it´s quite small, elegant and doesn´t look exaggerated.

I´ve received this large package just in time before Christmas. I want to thank PC-Cooling GmbH for the kind support and for the trust.





I guess that I´ll enjoy this Project a lot.

Though this case is quite small, it is possible to build a nice Water Cooling inside.


This Project should achieve a nice, industrial look and also contain a high quality, custom Water Cooling.


I will adjust the Aluminum front in order to achieve a better air flow. These pictures are just a quick idea and the final result might differ.


The second panel will also receive a window in order to have a look at all the components inside.

I will remove the "front panel" and build it in the case front instead. I guess this is the best position for a "front panel".


Every modification is performed through hard work, by hand, without the use of automated processes like eg. Laser, CNC etc.

I try to work as precise as possible and also to document my progress with great care and details.

Whenever it´s possible, I will also develop and build all electrical circuits by myself.

I won´t use prebuild stuff like eg. LED stripes if I´m able to achieve the same results by using my ingenuity.

I would only use this kind of stuff if there isn´t any alternative possible to implement my idea.

Expect everything you could from a guy who has the drive to hold on to his visions.

PC Hardware Parts:


Water Cooling Parts:

Alphacool Eisblock XPX CPU - Intel/AMD - Deep Black

Phobya CPU Mainboard Backplate 775/1366/1155/1156/2011

Alphacool Eisfluegel flow indicator G1/4 square - acetal

Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 240mm Radiator

Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 280mm Radiator

Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 120mm Radiator

Alphacool Eiszapfen 2-way ball valve G1/4 - Chrome

Alphacool Eiszapfen double nippel rotatable G1/4 outer thread to G1/4 outer thread - chrome

Alphacool connection terminal TEE T-piece round, G1/4 - chrome

Alphacool double nipple G1/4 outer thread to G1/4'' outer thread with O-ring - Chrome

Alphacool Eiszapfen 13/10mm compression fitting 90° rotatable G1/4 - chrome

Alphacool Eiszapfen 13/10mm compression fitting G1/4 - chrome sixpack

Alphacool Eisbecher D5 150mm Acetal reservoir

Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755 - Single Edition (Rev.2)

Masterkleer tubing PVC 13/10mm (3/8"ID) Ultra clear 3,3m (10ft) "Retail Package" (BPA free)

Rubber grommet for 13mm

Aquatuning AT-Protect-UV Crystal Blue 1000ml


PC-Cooling GmbH supports this Project with a high quality PC Case.

Aquatuning GmbH supports this Project with a high quality, custom Water Cooling and some extra items.


Noctua supports this Project with Highend Fans.



    Just Getting Started

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Ok guys, I´ll sumarize my progress ;)

1. Update

Here are some pictures of the stock case:










I like the way this case has been designed.


Like I said before, I will move the "front panel" with the additional connections.


I won´t keep all elements since I don´t need any front audio connectors. To be honest, I never used these. I will keep the USB ports and some of the cables.


Where should I place the new USB ports and the Power + Reset Button? The lower bottom of the Aluminum front seems to be the perfect spot.


I planed the new position of the USB ports and the Power + Reset Buttons and went on with the first metal works.


That looks a lot better. I will spend some time though with adjusting the openings.

2. Update

At first I had to remove some parts in order to gain some space for other components.


I won´t need the part which holds the "front panel" anymore.


I might also remove the 3x 2,5" HDD/SSD cage permanently.


The 120 Fan and its grill have also been removed.


The same goes for the 2x 140 Fans out of the front.

I checked the Fans with my experimental power supply. These fans are decent enough but I don´t like the looks of them too much.

They will be replaced later by highend Fans.


I won´t need these dust filters anymore.


The dust filter which was attached to the bottom of the case will also be removed permanently.


I had to modify the bottom with a Dremel Clone in order to improve the air flow.


The metal is quite thin but still solid enough to hold a 240 radiator + fitting Fans.


I modified the Aluminum front again and removed these 3x crossbars. I will attach them again later.


It´s easier for me to add the planed openings for the 2x 140 Fans. I might use a "H2O" inscription instead and glue some Aliminum wire frame.


Here you can see the openings for the new "front panel" again.

Since I´m limited to max. 25 pictures, I will add the other updates in a new post later.



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3. Update


You can use 2x 120 or 2x 140 Fans behind the Aluminum front. I will use only 2x 140 Fans and this is why I´ve decided to remove the extra 120 mounts.


Now let´s have a closer look at the "front panel" PCB. First I had to remove some components since I might use them later.


The "clean" PCB received 2 extra M3 holes and was cut with a Dremel Clone.


I want the USB ports to be independent of the Aluminum front. This way I can remove the Aluminum front without any problems. I will also connect the Power + LED buttons with extra connectors in order to disconnect them easily if I have to. I´ve prepared a extra hole for the cables.


I´ve recycled some screws and bolts from Fans made by Blacknoise, just in case you were wondering why they look familiar to you.


One short test looks good. The USB ports fit nearly 100% in the openings. I´ll adjust them later until I´m 100% satisfied with the results.

I still lack some material, this is why I can only show some smaller modifications at the moment.

4. Update

Ok, the time has come to show a bigger update:


I´ve decided to shorten the crossbars.


The small parts are sturdy enough. The Aluminum front can be still mounted without any problems.


I want the 2x 140 Fans to get as much air as possible through the Aluminum front. At first I wanted to cut some stripes or a similar, simple motive but I changed my mind. I´ve figured out that I can cut a more complex motive out of the Aluminum front.


I used a Dremel Clone to scratch the outlines, as clean as possible. The tough part was to remove the inner material, without slipping and scratching the Aluminum front.


I was busy for several hours until I managed to remove the biggest part. This piece had to be as big as possible since I needed to cut further pieces out of it.


Ok, these pieces don´t look very smooth yet but at least these are somehow useful.


Let´s end the mystery. Maybe someone recognizes the motive?

These parts are not 100% smooth yet and I´ve attached them only temporary. I´ll have to remove the glue from the paper used. The Aluminum wire frame is awesome and will be attached later in order to hold the eyes + nose openings. It´s a nice contrast too and also lets enough air for the 2x 140 Fans through.

I guess that this motive looks great and also matches the Theme intended at the same time. I will "punish" the hardware later since it would be a waste to build a nice Water Cooling and not overclock at all ;)



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I hope that you´re not confused, why I posted 4 Updates in 2 posts? It´s because I had to wait as a new member until each post was verified by a moderator. This can take a while and I wanted all my threads to have the same content as soon as possible ;)

Since I´m waiting for some material, I continued with the Aluminum front.


I finished my motive and worked on the edges in order to smoothen them. I also grinded the edges at a 45° angle in order to enhance them.


I also worked on the smaller parts since the time has come to close the hole in the Aluminum front.


The edges got the same 45° treatment.


Not so flat and boring anymore, eh?


I used some 2K Epoxy Glue in order to stick them together.


I like this look a lot and the 2x 140 Fans are also happy to get some extra air.


The "Custom Fan Grill" will be illuminated later, I just have to figure out, which color to use and how to attach the LEDs in a sensible way.


I hope that the 2K Epoxy Glue won´t play any tricks on me;)


This is a quick preview, how the case looks by now. Please excuse the chaos in the background.



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The time has come for another update. I´m still waiting for some parts and I´m sorry that I cannot offer a huge update right now.


This part looks familiar, eh? What will I use it for? It´s going to connect the electronics planed for the Aluminum Front.


Where will I attach this socket? I think this is a good place for it.


I´ve used a Dremel Clone in order to cut a hole.


Well, this looks OK to me.


I guess, this doesn´t look bad? There is enough room for me in order to attach the connector and to fix the cables needed.


I´ve resized all pictures in case you didn´t notice.



    Just Getting Started

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Ok, some more electronics crafting.


I had to adjust the hole for the socket just a little more.


What´s this? I made a little circuit which will be used for the 2x LED Buttons later.


Since soldering stuff is nice, I went on with the socket for the Aluminum front.


I didn´t like the surface very much and I could not get a idea out of my head. I used a Dremel Clone again in order to grind the surface.


I attached 2x M3 female screws.


Well, now I soldered them in place and removed the screws again.


It´s easier for me to remove the socket if I have to, without fiddling around too much and cutting my hands.


How should I hold the circuit for the LED Buttons in place? This piece of a Aluminum 90° angle seems to be ideal.


Just drill a hole and grind the surface of one side with some sanding paper and clean it with some rubbing alcohol or similar stuff.


Because it´s so nice, grind the surface of the back of the Aluminum front too and clean it. Attach the piece with some 2K glue. That looks quite sturdy,eh?


I had to remove this piece out of the case too in order to save some weight. No, to be honest, I won´t need it anymore.


Since I want to turn the LEDs I´m going to use on and off, I need a switch. I dont want the switch to be visible though. I found a ideal position behind the Aluminum front for it.


The switch will be attached there.


Just use a Dremel Clone again and cut a hole. By the way, did I mention that my Dremel Clone is really horrible?


Since I´m still waiting for some parts, more soldering fun ahead in order to save some time later.


Yummy cable salad and that´s just the beginning.


Well, this looks good enough and I guess that the front socket is nearly done. There is not much space left inside.


I´m happy with the looks of it. That´s it for now ;)



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Here we go again. I guess the Dremel Clone will soon be used again in order to make some adjustments to the case ;)


I received this great package today. I want to thank Aquatuning Germany for the kind support and for the trust.


I wonder what´s inside?


Many Premium Water Cooling parts and some nice tools too ;) I´m sure that this Water Cooling will be awesome, though I have to admit that it´s my very first Water Cooling Projekt.

I might experience some problems but hey, everybody has to start small by jumping into the cold water. "Learning by Doing" is the best recipe if you want to improve your skills.

Are you looking for detailed pictures of all items? Just be patient since I´m going to shoot many detailed pictures later and also create a list ;)



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Well, I had a calm weekend this time. Let´s do some Unboxing.


Let´s have a look at the Phobya LED Buttons first. These will fill the holes in the Aluminum front and be used as Power and Reset Buttons. The blue ring will replace the Power LED, the white ring will show the HDD activity.

I´ve chosen these Buttons: Phobya push-button vandalism-proof / bell push 16mm stainless steel, blue ring lighting 5pin and Phobya push-button vandalism-proof / bell push 16mm stainless steel, white ring lighting 5pin.


They look nice, don´t they? I wanted the silver version in order to achieve a nice contrast with the dark Aluminum front.


These Buttons are quite long.


The build quality is awesome.


They can be used in order to close or to open circuits.


Now here´s the deal. These Buttons are long and I can´t attach the Aluminum front anymore. What can be done against it? You can drill some large holes in order to solve the problem.


Don´t they look great? These 2 holes have a large diameter for a reason. I don´t want to damage the cables attached to the Buttons when attaching or removing the Aluminum front.


Let´s solder some cables again. This doesn´t look that chaotic anymore, right? The remaining cable will be used for white LEDs.


I like the proportions of the Buttons in comparison to the USB ports. These Buttons are available in larger sizes too but I wanted to use the smaller versions. These are not too distracting.


Well, quite a nice contrast?

Let´s have a look at some other stuff too and start with the reservoir.


The Alphacool Eisbecher D5 150mm Acetal reservoir is ideal for this case.


What´s inside the box?


All parts are well packed.


I´ll have a closer look at this reservoir later when I have to find the ideal spot for it. I like the shiny tube though, hopefully it won´t be a fingerprint magnet?


The pump is next. This is the new Alphacool Eispumpe VPP775 - Single Edition (rev.2).


Let´s have a quick peek too.


This pump is also well packed.


I like the dark metallic color. This pump looks great, all cables are sleeved. It looks really elegant.


You can adjust the power of this pump. I will run it set to the 2. mode which should be enough for my needs.


What about the bottom? Nothing too special.


I also got this nice tool. I guess that most guys might already have a hose cutter if they´ve already built water coolings. This is the Hose cutter Aluminum 3-19mm which cuts hoses very clean. I like it since I don´t have to fiddle around with a regular sharp knife.


Just be careful not to chop off your finger!


If you work with electronics a lot and handle sensitive devices, it´s a good idea to get a anti-static mat. I got the popular Alphacool Eisplateau Anti-Static work- and mounting mat 120x60cm.


This mat is huge and will easily cover a regular desk. It can be rolled and stored in the box if you don´t need it at the moment. I like the useful information printed on it which could help a lot since you get eg. a description of pin connections, fan sizes and other data you might need when modding PCs.


Don´t forget to attach the grounding cables in order to protect sensitive devices from a electrostatic discharge.

I will work on the LED lighting of the case when I get the long awaited LEDs from China ;)



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The time has come to work on the case lightning ;)


These LEDs are pretty cheap if you order them directly from China. You need to wait a few weeks though ;)


According to the description, these are white 3W LEDs.


These LEDs are already mounted on some star shaped coolers.


Look at this nice thermal paste. It´s the Phobya NanoGrease Extreme 3.5g. I´ve used this thermal paste in other projects before and achieved great cooling performances with it. This thermal paste also helped to improve the cooling performance of a Google Nexus 5 (2013) and Google Nexus 6P.


This thermal paste is not only meant to be used with CPUs or GPUs only. It can get along with 2K glue as well.


Mix it together and it looks like this. I know that you can buy thermal conductive glue but you can also be inventive if you have to.


What will I use this stuff for? I cleaned the LED coolers and the back of the Aluminum front with Isopropanol and attached them. The glue is very strong, I have my doubts that I will ever be able to remove these coolers again.


Let´s wire the LEDs up and have a quick check if they are OK.


Well, I don´t like the yellowish tint which is really strong. These LEDs have a similar light like some old light bulbs.

I´m not sure if I really like it this way since I wanted a cold white light instead.


Lucky for me that I had these LEDs laying around.


They don´t have a cooler attached to them but this problem can be solved.


Just remove the other LEDs. It´s nice to see that the manufacturer used some thermal paste too.


I cleaned the coolers, removed the old solder and attached the new LEDs. I used some of the Phobya thermal paste too for best results.

That´s a lot better with barely a yellowish tint visible in comparison to the old LEDs. The Aluminum front acts like a giant cooler for these LEDs which prevents them from overheating.


The case itself will also get some LEDs too. I think that the warm yellowish light won´t look that bad inside.


The LEDs are hidden and can´t be seen directly. How will I connect them?


Another recycling of old material. This will work!



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Before I forget, I´ve also received this great package. I want to thank Noctua for the kind support and for the trust.


What´s inside?


Quite a bunch of Highend Fans which are ideal for this project in order to grab enough fresh air.


Let´s have a closer look at the Fans: 1x NF-A8 PWM which will be used in the second chamber, 3x NF-F12 PWM and 2x NF-A14 PWM for the radiators.


I like this "Fan-Ensemble" which looks interesting enough with the black case and gives a great contrast.


Each Fan has its own packaging which is very detailed. Since the packagings are similar, it´s enough to have a closer look at the one of a NF-F12 PWM as a example.


This is the regular version with the standard colours used by Noctua.


The back of the packaging can also show you more details.


What´s more important than the packaging itself is the technical data of these Fans. These Fans are ideal in order to achieve the best results out of this Water Cooling Project.


The 80mm Fan is optional in the second chamber and is meant to cool down the HDD/SDD attached inside. The Fan grill is nothing special and looks rather ugly.

I don´t like it.


What could I do about it? Let´s try to create something similar like the 140mm holes. It´s not a problem at all to draw something suitable.


Well, this was fast. The hole is better than the old grill but doesn´t look quite good to be honest.


Even if you attach the 80mm Fan, it still looks improvised. Not my cup of tea.


Let´s remove the sharp edges in order to prevent injuries. It´s OK but still not something I´m really happy with.


Now that looks a lot better. The new Fan grill doesn´t increase the air resistance. It´s healthy enough not to draw blood like crazy if you attach the Fan and are not careful enough.


I like this kind of shape a lot better. I need to use some sanding paper though before I´m 100% happy with the result.

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