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Engine 27 cooler compatible with mounting plate from Gravity i1?

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The fan on my Gravity i1 cooler has failed.  I want to replace it with a cooler with a PWM fan.  Is the Engine 27 compatible with the mounting plate from the Gravity i1?  If so, I could avoid having to remove the mother board to change the mounting plate.



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1. Compatible with: Mirrorless DSLRS, DSLRS, Smartphones, and GoPros
2. Full 360 degree rotation on Pan and Tilt. 60 degrees left and 60 degrees right rotation on Roll.
3. Ergonomic Rosewood handle
3. Three distinct user modes controlled through the front button and rear toggle
4. When used with the TILTA Assistant App, you can calibrate the G1’s motors individually for your specific needs
5. Two rosettes on the handle allow for the mounting of various accessories to customize your rig


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