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Riing RGB Fans - Color memory resets each time computer is turned off

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Hi there, the TT Community ;)

I recently upgraded my P5 build adding some TT Riing 140 RGB Fans to it.

Unforunately, although everything is installed correctly according to the booklet that came in the Riing bundle, it seems like something is not working properly...

Each time I shut the PC off, the Riing seems to lose the setting applied to them... I mean, when restarting, the fans spin but the color led stays dimmed... I tried on each setting possible, either selecting a solid color or pausing the color cycle on a certain color... Nothing seems to work.

My components are an MSI Z97S Krayt Edition powered by a TT Toughpower DPS 750W...


I heard that the MB might not be supplying enough power to the fans to make them keep the setting in memory...

Does anyone have an idea about what's going on and what is to be done to solve it?


The TT controller (3 fans) is connected to the sysfan3 port on the MB.


Thanks in advance ;)

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Hey man, problem solved! I just had to change the fans from sys fan to CPU fan... And tadaaaa... Starts with the riings on the right color setting. Hope that will help you ;) (As TT clearly doesn't care :D)

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