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Hey guys! I'm back with another sponsored project! EVGA was generous enough (as always) to send me some of their awesome hardware. This is another EVGA and Thermaltake sponsored project, and I named it "HoloView". Thermaltake was awesome enough (as always) to send me their View 27 chassis and some of their water cooling components. This will be a quick (hopefully) and simple project but will add a special feature to it (hopefully I could pull it off properly).


A huge shout out to the sponsors! 






Here's some of the components that will go in to this project.
























Yesterday I was able to test fit some components and tear the View 27 down to confirm some measurements and some possible radiator placements. The plan was to rotate the computer case 90 degree so the front panel will be the bottom of the case and the top will be the front panel.












Here was my plan, either I will have the 360mm radiator in front and have the 240mm radiator at the bottom or the opposite way around. Originally, I thought I could use the area below the power supply for mounting a 240mm radiator but the power supply that I will be using is a bit long and will have some interference once the power cables are connected. So instead of doing that, I will mount a 140mm fan below the power supply as intake.








Now that I have a rough idea of where and what components for water cooling are going to fit in, next will be taking measurements for the custom side panel, cutting out the 140mm fan mount on the back and making the custom front panel for the 240mm radiator. But that will be for the next update. :P


That's it for this first update for the HoloView project. Thank you EVGA and Thermaltake, as always, for giving another opportunity to me for this project! See you in the next one! Ciao! thumbup1.gif

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Hey Guys!


Update time! And yes, I am still alive! Did some work for the past weeks for the project after finishing up some important commitments. Shall we begin?


Did some more measuring on the view 27 chassis to confirm if the radiators will fit in without having clearances issues, which it had. I tried to fit x2 slim 360mm radiators from Thermaltake, and it looks like the radiator for the front will have one issue. I won't be able to connect the 8 pin power connector for the CPU on the motherboard.








I did not noticed the issue at first so I trimmed the front panel (was the top side of the case before) to fit the 360mm radiator without having any interference issues with the side panel.








After trimming the chassis, I found a scrap acrylic sheet that was laying around the basement for probably 3 years now, I took that to make it as a "front panel template" for mounting the fans on the chassis.



But then, that was the time when I noticed the issue with the radiator and the 8 pin power connector of the motherboard. I could plug the cable in, but it is going to be TIGHT to the point wherein the connector on the motherboard is being forced down to some scary degree.




So instead of forcing the dual slim 360mm radiator, I decided to just use one thick 360mm radiator and just have 3 fans as intake on the front panel.




After that, I went ahead and draw some random lines and circles as the design for the front panel. And then after that, I went ahead and tried throw an aluminum sheet on my cnc (SO3) just to see if it's going to crap on me. If it did, I will mostly end up making a new design that is not too complicated to do by hand. But my CNC was on a somewhat good mood that day, aaaaaaaand......




I said "somewhat" on a good mood because........ Sometimes my CNC will decide to not follow the .gcode instructions and just do some random lines around the material that I am cutting. In this case, I was on the 95% before completion of the job, but then the CNC decided to go deeper on the cut instead of following the gcode, aaaaaaaaaaand.....

I ended up having a broken cutting bit and an unfinished job.




So I went ahead and did the cutting the old fashion way..






After a few minutes of filing, I ended up with this front panel.




Grabbed a Coolermaster Jetflo 120mm fan that I had laying around and it on the front panel. I just wanted to see what the cut out will look like once there's an LED fan attached to it.




Kinda looks cool but I need the MasterFan Pro RGB version. I am hoping that it will become available here before the end of this month.








The front panel was a bit long, but that was quickly fixed with a jigsaw and a hand file.




After that, I went back to the drawing board (CAD) to try and come up with a mount for the Pump/Reservoir combo that Thermaltake provided. I recently purchased a small 3D printer before the end of last year and threw in my cad design to the 3D printer. I came up with this. I ended up with this kind of mount since the most logical (for me at least) place to put the pump/res combo is on the back side close to the power supply. This way, it'll be much easier to run tubing around.










That's all for me for this update. Side panel mount, sliding rods for the side panel, the side panel itself. Hopefully I could get those done for the coming next 2 weeks. See you on the next update! Ciao! default_smile.png

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Hey guys! Its time for a little update! Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I've been very busy for the past month between work and this project. But I was quietly making some progress.


First off, since I had access now to a 3D printer (bought a cheap-o printer around December last year), I decided to give it a try and see if I can print with it properly. It's a great printer but you need to have it tuned up very well before you see some awesome results. I tried but again, time is my biggest enemy.


This is going to be the hinges for the half of the side panel. As you can see, unless you have the printer calibrated and leveled properly, you will get this kind of print. But in my head, sanding this part a little will be good enough. I will need to sand it anyway for paint prep.






Then i went ahead and printed some custom feet.












Let's go to the side panels. Original plan for the side panel is the half will be held up by a couple of hinges and the other half will be opened and will slide back and forth with a push of a button using some servo motors. Problem was, I dont have enough room to mount the servo motors. Plus, I was really having some hard time making the servo rotate on a certain degree and count using arduino (I am not smart enough to get them working as I like. :P)






Now that that's all settled and done, time to dismantle the case, change the pop rivets to screws and prep it for some paint.








And while I am at it, I went ahead and tried to do the bending part on the acrylic side panel. First try, I thought it worked even though I am only using a heat gun to get the curved corner. It looks good on this photo, but once I removed the clamps, I noticed that the sheet actually warped! I tried re-heating and straightening it up, didn't work. Since I am using a heat without any reducer (I stepped on it last year and I just destroyed the poor reducer. It had cracked on both side. :P), I figured why not give a DIY acrylic sheet bender a shot?






My ghetto DIY sheet bender. A couple of hinges, nichrome wire, some ply wood, aluminium U channel and a couple of screws. 




Gave it a try again but this time, I didnt do the curve bend and instead I went with some 45 degree angle bends.






And after that, did some final test fit for the panels.








After confirming that everything fits in right, I went ahead and dismantled the case again to do the paint prep.




Aaaand away we go to my "paint booth" (car tent).








That's all for me for this update. and for anyone who is reading this log and wondering why the #### the half of the side panel is hollow, well, lemme give you a hint,




If you still have no clue, well, you need to wait for the final photos! Which will be soon. Until then, ciao!! :)

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Looks good! Curious how the display works out - will be a good feature.

Also, it's nice to know even sponsored people get to use any free space in the house. Caught #### yesterday for it in mine... I can tell her "Maybe someday I'll hit the big time baby!" :P hahaha

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