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Blacx Duet - User Access Denied

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Newbie and tech rookie here...I've had a hard time finding instructions for getting user access to my old files. I took the hard drive out of the old desk top and inserted it into the blacx duet. I'm able to click on various folders but can't access the documents. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Old Dell desktop ran on Windows Vista.



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Just a quick follow-up, in case someone else runs into the problem as me down the line and stumbles across this thread...


My eight year old Dell desktop wouldn't power on. I thought maybe the piece of junk finally gave up all together. So I found the BlacX Duet, hoping I could salvage the hard drive and all my key files.


I got the hard drive out and inserted it into the Duet, and it worked, except I couldn't access my documents (pictures, music, work documents, etc). Some sort of access denied error that I couldn't figure out. But a local computer consultant did his thing and I was able to get all my personal stuff off the old drive. He copied it onto my new laptop.


So $90 consultant + $60 Duet...$150 was a low price to pay to not lose eight years of memories, key work documents, Depeche Mode, et al music on itunes :).


I thinking if you're not a complete donkey like me, you can probably figure out how to get access to the protected files. But it was a relief to not have the hard drive completely up sh!ts creek.  Thumbs up to Thermaltake.



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