MACROS DONT RESPOND PROPERLY (challenger prime gaming keyboard)

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So, I recently got this challenger prime gaming keyboard. I know how the program for it works and all but when I try using the macros in game..they don't work right. Even when I do click "record delays" it's almost no different than when I record without delays. For example i'll check the "record delay" then hit record, and Press "D" "D" 'D".  Lets say it took me 10 seconds to press D, 3 times. I'd press "stop recording" Then "apply" then "ok" and then when I go in game and test out the macro it doesn't do what I set it to do. It would  "DDD" in like 1-2 seconds ( when it took me 10 seconds when recording the macro ), It seems like these macros are only good for messages......I don't see the point of it having a "record delay" when it doesn't even record exactly what I do. Is there something I can do to fix this or was this keyboard a waste of money?? HELP! :(

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