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New Riing12 Help! ASAP!

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I'm new to this whole new thing about these LED fans & such. 


So im currently having a problem with the Power Bank [?] that 3 fans can plug-in, is not receiving power when its plugged into the motherboard CASE_FAN 4pin slots.


Yes my motherboard is getting power because the LED's on the motherboard turn on, the graphics card & CPU FAN turn on so its just this power bank?

In a few video tutorials i looked through there is a LED on the bank that lights up & that means its receiving power however mine does not.


In the Manual for all these fans it says on Step 1 of the Installation Guide Plug the 4-Pin directly into the controller & into the M/B [MotherBoard] which I have & tried many different areas that support case fans, No power to my Controller, thus THE FANS WONT EVEN TURN ON.


What Am I doing wrong or not seeing?! Do I try other controllers? I mean I have 4 of them!


Im willing to video call someone about this issue & show !


Please help me! I dont know what im doing, im starting to get impatient ...


What am I doing wrong? There is a 5-pin on the power bank that is not being used, is there something suppose to be plugged into that, if so these FANS didnt come with that cable ? 

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